Sunday, 31 October 2010

hello everyone


im sorry im not dead! iv been mad busy working on my new web site, which i could really do with people spreading the link for about as much as possible, so feel free to pop it on your blogs, id really appriciate that!

its im curently fighting with the meta tags and trying to get it ranking on google some how! hopefully one of these days il suss it, anyway please take a look and i will be back soon to play and join in with all the challenges :) bye for now xxxx

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Where have I been??

Hello Everyone, thought I best upload some of the pieces that have been keeping me busy these last couple of weeks, I've firstly had my creations to get ready for when I'm appearing as a guest designer on the Shabby Tea Room, but obviously this is currently under wraps and you will have to wait to see for another couple of weeks!!

I've also had another two wedding cake toppers which needed making in quick succession, this first one actually makes me quite sad today as we had to have our beautiful little cat put to sleep earlier on after she had suspected poisoning :( so sad she was only a baby! anyway on to lighter things, this is the first one:

and the second one....

Right will add more tomorrow I feel emotionally battered today and need my bed! xxx

Sunday, 29 August 2010

As Promised

Now the wedding has been and gone I can finally post the pics of my latest cake topper, thought it was probably safer to wait until the big day had arrived before unveiling the new bride so to speak! so here goes, hope you like them...

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Morning all :)

Hello, well on monday morning as I was driving the children to nursery an image of a little boat entered my head (or should that be floated into my head?)

So after I'd set the shop up for the day I trotted across to the libarary and took out a book on origami, I then spent the rest of the afternnon creating little boats!

Once I'd sussed how to make one using scraps of paper I went for it with my lovely nautical paper I'd discovered in work, it was almost as if this piece was asking to be made, everything just came together so smoothly.

I have embellished it with winds of twine, star fish, shells, buttons, beads and wire, there are even a couple of brads in there too, used to wrap the wire at the bottom of the sail down.

I find the piece totally peaceful to look at, and can almost hear the gentle bong of the bell you get from small boats bobbing on the waves!

Anyway enough yapping at you, here are some pictures to enjoy instead :)

I have found this fits into quite a few categories this week and will be entering the following challenges

Hope you like it ttfn x

Sunday, 22 August 2010

What a week!!

Well first off WOW cant believe I WON last weeks Shabby Tea Room's challenge, I was truely shocked and extremely delighted!!! Soon as I suss out how I will be uploading my blinkies :)

And huge thanks to Isabella's Sketchbook for my wonderful prize of four gorgeous digi stamps, I had a really hard time choosing which ones I wanted and will defo be making frequent visits to her site from now on!!!

Anyway onto this week, I've been super quiet on here cos I've been super busy getting projects done, I had a wedding topper needed making urgently so had to put a few projects on hold to get it done, but The Shabby Tea Room have gone and provided another seriously stunning inspiration picture, so the cake topper (which I will post pics later for) had to be finished in record time in order to give me the rest of the week to work on this weeks project, so here goes:

This was the picture

I am actually in love with this picture!!! I want this as a room in my house!

and I have produced this:
(sorry for poor pics this week, I've only just finished so no daylight left :( )

I've created a little old shabby wardrobe!!

and if you pull open the ribbon, inside you will find...

Hope you all like it, tis all made from scratch (card, paper, lace, buttons a few beads and some tin foil lol), bar the little wicker basket which I've nicked out of Erin's Sylvanians house (oops!!) like I say sorry the pics are so lame :( I've not got as much pressure on me this week (that I'm aware of atm anyways lol) so hopefully will get some nice day time pis of any projects

bye for now :) x

Sunday, 15 August 2010

I did actually manage to get some work done this week

its a lovely little door plaque I was comissioned to make :)

love his cute little name :)

Shabby time again :)

Ok I've been quiet this week cos I've been working very hard on this weeks Shabby Tea room challenge

                                  Week #22 - 'Reflections' ... AND FOLLOW ME CONTEST!

This week we had this photo for inspiration

I fell in love with the colours and the little birds nest in particular, now baring in mind I'm supposed to be working I decided a project would help get me back my mojo for some model making, coupled with the arrival of a brand new block of Prosculpt :) (oh so nicely timed!) my mind went into overdrive and I ended up with the following....

and here is how this cutey little mirror box began...

The beginings of my fairy, keep watching she gets better!

hello! here is the start of my little face :)

yey hands!

I'm not inside the box too, its got a mirror at the back :)

oooo thats a bit better!

now the little fairy has mohair hair and irredescent wings made with fusible film

sorry for the million pictures, but I wanted to try and show the detail :)

hope you like it Nomi-Lou x

heres hoping next weeks challenege isnt as lovely as this weeks as I REALLY have to get started on these wedding cake toppers!!!